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Affiliates are experiencing great success promoting this product, and we're sure you will too... to make your task even easier we've provided some great tools and resources for you to use below.

Product & Sales Copy:

We worked with a highly converting copywriting genius to construct an incredible piece of long sales copy, and it converts incredibly well with targeted traffic.

Even better, we've really upped the ante with the product, as the 'Instant Site Launcher' member area is "sticky" and retains members for months, sometimes years! This means your comissions just keep coming in...


Price: $67/month, paying 50% commission via Clickbank

Your Affiliate Hoplink:

Be sure to put YOUR Clickbank affiliate ID in the hoplink where it has xxxxxx


Before you get started, you need to signup for a Clickbank account, if you don't already have one. Its free and only takes a few minutes to signup to. Head over to Clickbank and register now! Once you have selected your nickname then you can start making commissions straight away.Using your affiliate link makes sure that you get credit for all the sales you refer, so please don't forget to add that step.

Once you have got your account setup, you can start by using all the tools I have setup for you to promote the site. The large majority of this material can be copy-and-pasted and used with little to no effort. All you need to do is use the tools and profit from promoting this website.

Highly Converting PPC Keywords:

To get you started on your adwords campaign, here are some highly targeted keywords using "Affiliate Marketing" keywords.

Here are some fantastic keywords using "Make Money" keywords with huge visitor value from each customer.

Promotional Emails:

We have written email templates for affiliates to blast to their lists, but feel free to edit it as much as you want to better suit your subscribers...

Email #1:

Email #2:

Email #3:

Affiliate Banners:

Highly converting banner ads for you to use in your advertising campaigns or to promote on your website.

Banner #1:

Banner #2:

Banner #3:

Banner #4:

Banner #5:

Banner #6:


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