If you think that you can’t be a part of the Internet Money Making revolution because you’re not technically savvy... THINK AGAIN!

Even If The Only Thing You Know How To Do Is Turn On Your Computer And Click Your Mouse, You Can Still Put Up YOUR OWN WEBSITE In A Matter Of Minutes While Others Sit There Staring In Awe!

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Suppose somebody told you that they were going to give you everything you needed to create and launch your own website – and then told you didn’t have to know one whit about technical stuff; would you think they were nuts? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

But That’s Exactly What I’m Going To Tell You – And It’s 100% TRUE!

Want to start making buckets of bucks from your own website, even if you’re off fishing or skiing or lying on the beach? Well listen up: YOU CAN! And it’s so much easier than you ever thought possible!

I’ll give you everything you need to create your website.

You sit back, click your mouse, and reap the rewards.


And when you’re finished reading this page, you’ll wonder why you didn’t read this letter before now!

So sit back and buckle that seatbelt, because I’m about to take you on a journey you’ve only dreamed possible!

From: Todd Lee

Dear Web Entrepreneur,

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about running your own Internet business, wishing you had the knowledge to make it happen?

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you have. After all, who hasn’t wanted to capitalize on the moneymaking capabilities of the Internet!

Of course, maybe you’re one of those who tried to latch on to the Internet moneymaking express, but jumped off BEFORE your website ever launched – because you were frustrated by the technical end of things? Am I talking about YOU?

If I just described you, relax. I can totally empathize with you.

And That Is Exactly Why I Came Up With Instant Site Launcher

Listen, there’s something that you have to understand:  it doesn’t really matter whether you’ve been dreaming about launching your own “Internet Empire” – or you’ve tried and pulled out because the techie side of things make you break out in cold sweats.

And most importantly, it doesn’t matter one iota if you’ve put up a site and you’re only crawling along, instead of making money hand-over-fist.

Because the simple fact of the matter is this: Instant Site Launcher can help you realize your wildest dreams – by helping you get your Internet business up and running in only minutes, helping you achieve the success you’ve only imagined.

Let’s start by looking at a few key points;

The Economy Is In The Tank

Is that blunt enough for you?  Well, I’m not here to sugarcoat things. The economy is at a tipping point that nobody believed they’d ever see. Jobs are being lost like leaves in a hurricane – and you might even be wondering, “Am I next?”

Whoa! Hang on there a minute. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Take CONTROL! Start by finding new ways to earn extra income in case of that “catastrophe” – and search for a new way of generating your own income so you’re not subject to the whim of helter-skelter job cuts.

You’ve thought about the Internet as your salvation. Everyone has. But if you look at “income opportunities” via Google, you’ll find that the response is simply overwhelming. How in the world can you know what is legit and what is nonsense?

One way to navigate this treacherous info-hype territory is by using EXPERIENCE: experience that I am offering to you now.

Who am I to claim “experience?” Well, I’m actually glad you asked. I’ve been helping other enjoy success online by using my products. And if they were involved in some way in an online business venture, I simply made it easier for them to enjoy success. Most importantly, I’ve been doing it for years.

Unfortunately, for those folks who aren’t technically savvy or are new to the Internet, there’s a “brick wall” out there just itching to introduce itself. And those people “meet it” head on – at about 100 miles per hour.

But look at what is possible for the people that can get over that wall...

Proof #1

An Automated
$1229.50 per week!

Proof #2

Another $120+ Every Single Day!


I’m talking about the brick wall, of course. Hitting it head on hurts…plain and simple.

Let me explain.

You need to have a product to sell – that’s ground zero for starting the process.

Once you have that product – and it better be a winner – you’re going to nee a few things to help it sell.

Like a professional level video – maybe Steve Spielberg is available to help.

Professional graphics that jump off the screen…

Oh, and before I forget, you’re going to need a great writer – unless of course you are one yourself. If not, prepare to shell out some major bucks.


And I told you it was going to hurt! But hang on, because I’m not finished.

See, the money for creating the materials to help sell your product is just one part.

The other part is called “Technical Stuff.” That’s when most folks throw up their hands and scream - “I quit!” Why? Because even though starting an online biz is easier than a storefront business, it still requires a ton of work on your part.

Like – repeat after me – a website!

Ah, yes, your website. Didn’t think you’d get away without one, did you?

Let me ask – can you write HTML code? Understand web servers? Know how to build graphics that ooze eye candy? Can you integrate Flash files into Photoshop? Build Bezier curves in Illustrator? Am I speaking a foreign language to you right now?

Sorry. That’s the reality!  If your eyes just glazed over, take comfort in knowing that at the very least you can write copy that could sell ice to Eskimos. What? You can’t?

Look, you’ve GOT to have a website. So you have two choices: create it, or hire a team who can do it for you.

If you picked the “do it for you” option, I hope you have a rich aunt or uncle somewhere. Because here comes a reality check:



Count to five, because five figures is a good number to have in mind when creating the website to back up your great product.

Say you’re going to sell an eBook.

Unless it’s already written, start writing. And if writing isn’t your forte, hire a ghostwriter. AVERAGE COST: several thousand dollars

You’ll need spectacular graphics and design for your new eBook, especially graphic book covers to put up on your sales page. AVERAGE COST: several hundred bucks.

You’ll need a lot of time to pull it all together. You can hire someone of course, but that could cost you your left arm, and your right leg.

Of course there are less expensive ways to get your basic website up and running. But you’re going to need a few “other things”…like an auto-responder to keep an email list for your new Internet venture. AVERAGE COST: plenty.

How about a payment processor? Yep, you’ll want to take credit cards, right? Now, you can integrate ClickBank, because it isn’t THAT hard; on the other hand, if you’ve never done it before it’ll be like trying to program a rocket to land on the moon. AVERAGE COST: big bucks.

Sorry, we’re not finished yet. Let’s say somebody clicks on to your site, ready to buy your new eBook. Great! You’re not going to just let them purchase one item, are you? Hope not! You’d be missing out on a great opportunity. You want to sell MULTIPLE ITEMS, so you’ll need something like AdSense, or other ads you place; CPA offers; up-sells; hey, the list is infinite! AVERAGE COST: more of those big bucks.

OOPS! Almost forgot – remember I mentioned you’d need a copywriter to write sales copy that makes people involuntarily reach for their wallets to buy something? Yep, you’re going to need one of those. (Since we’ve agreed that you’re not up to that task). AVERAGE COST: large amounts of money.

Now You Know Why

It’s Kept A Secret

Those folks who sell Internet business systems never talk about these things. It’s a well-kept secret, because if they were open and up front about it, you’d run away. Fast!

I mean, why bring up the fact that you’ll need about TEN GRAND to set up your Internet business? And in times like these, ten grand is a lot of money to put at risk - an awful lot of money. And while many people have invested that amount of cash, they either ended up frustrate, broke – or perish the thought – frustrated AND broke.

Before you high tail it out of here. Stop. Take a deep breath. And remember one thing:

You can do this. Yes you can.

Stop Fearing. Start Doing.

First things first: start WITHOUT HAVING A PRODUCT.

Not a misprint – start WITHOUT having a product. You read it right.

See, coming up with a product is VERY hard to do, and VERY EXPENSIVE if you have to hire someone else to do it.

Now, you’re going to have to have a website, and that’s just the way it is. And you’ll have to do it WITHOUT having someone do it for you, or pulling your hair out trying to create it yourself. You can hire folks to do it – but that’ll set you back about TEN GRAND. And regarding the “do it on your own”….


One of the things that I’ve learned over the years while I was creating products for others is that most people are simply TOO AFRAID to set up their own Internet business. Quite honestly, they’d rather run down the street naked than do everything that’s required to set up that Internet business. Sadly, it’s why so many people actually quit before they even start. How sad, but considering all that’s involved, how can I blame them?     

But all is not lost! All is not doom and gloom! You can do it, because I’m going to help you do it. Starting now!

Introducing Instant Site Launcher:

The Shortest Distance To Wealth On The Internet

First off, let me just say that Instant Site Launcher solves two huge problems:  ONE: It uses a unique business model called Affiliate Marketing – promoting other people’s products for a share of the profits, while giving you your own products to sell; TWO: It lets you create an amazing website with instructions that are as easy to follow as making a cup of tea.

Skeptics beware! I understand that all you care about is what Instant Site Launcher does, how it does what it does, and whether or not what it does is for you.

I’m about to tell you.

But I’m going to tell you with no BS, no ridiculous stories or testimonials, no promises to make you a bazillionaire – no nothin’!

I wouldn’t stoop to that level.

See, I have no clue how much money you’ll make using my product. You’ll probably make a lot of bucks, as others have. But it’s really up to you how you use it, what you do with it, and how successful you are.

Just remember that Instant Site Launcher is a remarkable product  - and I’m not the only one who is saying that. Why is it “remarkable?”

Easy – because you’ll get past two of the biggest hurdles that new Internet marketers face, and they’ll be rendered invisible!

Instant Site Launcher 101

I keep my promises – I told you I’d be telling you about Instant Site Launcher, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Call it “Instant Site Launcher 101” – your basic guide to a great problem solver.

It’s software. That’s all it is….software. In fact, it’s web-based software that doesn’t even need to be installed on your computer!

You log in, you click – click, click, click – and you’re done.

Now that you know what it is, let me tell you what it DOES. Because that’s what makes it remarkable!

First, here’s let me explain affiliate marketing in a nutshell:

Someone else does all the hard work and spends all their time creating a product
You waltz in, promote that product on YOUR website – send people on over to the product’s sales page through your “affiliate link”
The moment someone clicks on YOUR link and buys the product – ta da! – you are going to get a commission for referring that person to the sale


See? It’s just a simple Internet business model that does exactly what it’s intended to do: create wealth.

Now that you understand affiliate marketing, you realize you don’t have to create a product. Phew!

But you still need a website. Yep, that $10,000 potential cost, not to mention all the time it’s going to take.


You Use Instant Site Launcher To Put Up Your

Own Website In Less Than 30 Minutes

Honest to goodness, that’s what you can do with Instant Site Launcher: create your own affiliate product promo website.

Don’t panic!

A Product Promo Website is your own website that you own, you control. And guess what: if you’re doing it right and have some success, you’ll end up making some big bucks. You promote one or more affiliate products.

How fast can Instant Site Launcher do it?
Click, click, click, it’s done.  That fast!

You make a few choices, decide on a few options, make a few clicks – and your brand new website is up and running, raring to go!

That’s all it takes – for real!

See, our wizard will guide you through the process, help you with choosing the options that you’ll need to create an entire website, all in about 15 to 30 minutes. S

You don’t have to be a technical whiz to do this, because the software does everything for you.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer; the software does everything for you.

You don’t have to know HTML, coding, style sheets, nothing, because – repeat after me – the software does everything for you.

See, you choose a site template, make a couple of educated choices to help configure the template, and you are done.  Yes, the software does everything for you.

Here’s an example that’ll help explain it to you. (We’ll use golf products for our example)

You’ll need to have a landing page to showcase different products, perhaps some product reviews and some recommendations. Or maybe you want a website that includes review pages, and pages with articles about various golf topics.

Just remember this: no matter what type of website you want, Instant Site Launcher delivers. Once you choose the template you want, you’ll get all the other pages that you need. So with every single website you create, you’ll get:

Each Instant Site Launcher Website Includes:

A home page with an attractive layout and cool integrated graphics that make it look great

A sitemap page, which will make your site an excellent target for search engines like Google, and make your site easy for searchers to find

A privacy policy page to make the trade authorities happy that you’re handling people email addresses correctly

A terms of service page to give you some legal protection

And if you choose a template that has articles, you’ll also get article pages to help you target keywords in your chosen niche

Complete websites – and the software did it all! You didn’t have to lift a finger – well, the one finger that clicks on the mouse. Otherwise, nothing.

And ;Instant Site Launcher gives you the ability to create as many sites as you want. UNLIMITED SITES! Wow!  There are templates that allow for ongoing, unlimited use of Instant Site Launcher. Can you see your income zooming up?

Your Own Professional Website In

Zero Time – With Zero Effort

And here’s what you’ll need to know about the technical end of creating a website: NOTHING.

Yes, the software takes care of everything - remember?

And unlimited means you can create one professional website with the product of your choice; two sites with the products of your choice, and so on, and so on, and – you get the idea!

Plus, these are website with HUGE moneymaking potential, using hot product niches like:

-> Dating
-> Golf
-> Internet Marketing
-> Dog Training
-> Weight Loss
-> World of Warcraft
-> And much, MUCH more...


And as for knowing FTP (that’s File Transfer Protocol, in case you wondered) or working the web server or….wait a second. Forget it! The software handles it all for you! All you have to do is provide the FTP login info from your web hosting company and the software will load the files for you – automatically! How much easier can it get?

Empty Your Head of Techno-Babble, 

You Don’t Need To Know Anything

Ok, the website is put to bed. Of course….

There are several other issues you must know aside from the website you must know in order to run a successful Internet marketing empire. For one – there’s an autoresponder that will help manage your subscriber list.

Don’t worry! The Instant Site Launcher wizard will walk you through everything, and will recommend the best tools you should use.

And don’t forget, every recommendation is backed up by years of experience.

We’d like to bring up something right away: we get a commission for promoting the products we recommend – so once you sign up for one via one of our links, we get paid. After all, we’re an affiliate.

Why am I telling you this? I wanted to be very up front and transparent. Not to mention that I’ve spent the last few pages telling you what a great business model affiliate marketing is, so I’m just practicing what I’ve been preaching. But one thing is clear: I would NEVER recommend something to get a commission! I want you to be a fan of Instant Site Launcher, so I’m only going to recommend the tools that are right for you.

And regarding Federal compliance…

Every Site Created With Instant Site Launcher

Is FTC Compliant; So There Are NO Legal Worries

Rules, rules, rules. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission dumped a lot of new rules on everyone, leaving some to wonder if Internet marketing is history.

Forget about it!

All you have to do is be up front and tell people you’re promoting a product as an affiliate – just like I told you about our products. That’s all you have to do. Just be honest, that’s all the FTC is asking. And we make it easy for you to be honest, because you’ll be fully disclosing all of your affiliate links – including all the new ones.

(Glad that’s out of the way, aren’t you?)

Ok, Here’s One More Look At All You’re Getting

You’ll be getting full access to the Instant Site Launcher software and the easy-as-pie wizard that helps you create jaw-dropping websites in minutes. Yes, minutes!

Plus, we’ll get you past the two biggest barriers that make most people stop when trying to create an Internet business:

You won’t have to create your own product! The fact is, you’ll be promoting EXISTING affiliate products – products that sell faster than a speeding bullet.

Plus, we’ve taken away the hassle of creating your own website – we’ll make it easier than you ever thought possible to generate your own dazzling website – in as little as 15 to 30 minutes, start to finish!

It couldn’t be faster or easier!

Traffic? Somebody Call A Cop

There’s no question about it – traffic is the key factor that makes the difference between success and failure on the Internet.

See, it doesn’t matter what site you put up: you could put up the formula to make gold – if nobody sees it, it’s not going to make you one red cent.

We told you that Instant Site Launcher does a lot more than build beautiful, moneymaking websites. A lot more!

So, you’ll also get a step-by-step video to show you all the free and paid traffic building methods that are available to you, all the top methods that’ll be sending so much traffic to your website, you’ll need a cop to direct traffic!

Go Ahead And Ask – How Much?

Before we tell you “how much” it will cost, let’s talk about how much you can make. There are NO PROMISES – but….

Suppose you use Instant Site Launcher to set up just one website, promoting a single product. Just one.

If you get 100 visitors to your site using all the methods to bring traffic that we’ll show you, and if only ONE PERSON buys the product you’re recommending, you’ll make one affiliate sale every day.

If you earn a $25 commission, you’re making $25 profit each day. Using this small example of only one sale a day, you’re going to earn an EXTRA $9,000.00 next year, with no effort on your end. Think that might help your finances? Of course it will!

Now, suppose you had 10 websites up and running, or maybe more. You do the math: (The answer is $90,000.00!!) Tell your boss you won’t be back after lunch.

Now, if you can make that kind of money, you’re probably thinking, “oh – they’re going to be charging $00000. Nope. But even if I did, you’d be getting a bargain.

You’d probably be happy to pay more than that for just one single website, but you’ll be getting UNLIMITED usage!

And say “no” to $1997. And a big “NO” to $997, even though that is how much you’d pay someone to create an entire review site.

See, all you’re going to pay is $67/month. And that’s for complete access to Instant Site Launcher – that will help you create a full range of professional websites, including review sites, CPA offers, squeeze pages and more – in about one hour, with no technical knowledge on your part. None!

Fall In Love With

Instant Site Launcher

Ok, so I created Instant Site Launcher, so I’m already in love with it. Now it’s your turn to fall in love, and once you use it – YOU WILL!

Even if the price were ten times what we’re asking, it would be worth every penny. But to show you just how confident we are about Instant Site Launcher, we’re giving you our incredible,

Auto Launch Your Profits, Or Rob Me Blind Guarantee!

GuaranteeUse our Instant Site Launcher with NO RISK for a full 30 days. Put it through its paces, make it earn it’s keep.

Create websites; generate scores of traffic; build as many sites as you want. And any profits you make are YOURS! All yours!

Within 30 days if you’re not 100% happy, completely happy – just say “no” and I’ll give you back all of your money. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


There’s nothing to lose, and an awful lot to gain!

So here’s exactly what you need to do now:

YES! I Want To Start Earning With Instant Site Launcher!

I’ll get complete access to everything IMMEDIATELY with just easy payments of $67/month.

That includes full access to all the software, the templates and all the training and traffic help you need.


What are you waiting for?  There’s money to be made!

Wishing you much success building your new Internet Empire,


Todd Lee

P.S. An opportunity like Instant Site Launcher only comes around every once in a great while. It’s here – waiting for you! The entire package is the easiest way to get your own affiliate marketing websites up and generating income for you – in less time that it would any other way! Hop on board – the money train is leaving



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